Subvia: All-In-One App

One app to manage it all.

4 Minute Read

Launching a business, starting a side-gig, or even just attempting to make a little extra money on your own can be overwhelming. Managing your messaging, appointment schedulers, calendars, websites, social media profiles, and payment apps, becomes a full-time job in itself— not to mention a big hassle.

That’s where Subvia comes in. One app to manage it all. Within the app, the ‘Home’ tab allows you to discover — and be discovered — service providers in your area. Forget trying to grow your social media profiles, because on Subvia, your clients will come to you.

Subvia’s ‘Relationships’ tab gives you the chance to message clients, as well as send service agreements and set up recurring payments. All of your clients and agreements will be listed in one place, easy to find.

Add in the fact that Subvia, partnered with Stripe, keeps every user’s card on file, meaning that payments are automatic, and hassle-free, and you see why Subvia is the app which will help your business grow. Plus, it’s free. Free to download, free to use, and free to manage your business.

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