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What is Subvia?
What is Subvia?

Subvia is a mobile app that lets you turn your skills and passions into extra income. Additionally, Subvia provides a platform for you to discover, schedule, and enjoy services available in your area. Best of all, Subvia is free to use.

How did Subvia start?

Subvia was born as a solution to our own problem. We wanted to create a trusted platform which would help us provide and consume services within our hyperlocal community. From there, we realized this platform would lead to bigger things like local economic empowerment, and more!

Where is Subvia available?

Subvia is currently available in the United States. We'll launch in other areas as soon as possible!

What can be offered on Subvia?

Almost anything can be a Subvia gig. For example, home services, lessons, auto services, creative products, beauty and costmetics, pet care, you name it. However, Subvia does not allow large firms, classifieds, used goods, multi-level marketing, or drop-shipping. See our Terms of Use for more information.

How do I use Subvia?
What is a gig?

A gig is a service offering you want to share with your hyperlocal community. For example, a gig will allow you to add photos, price, and frequency of service to individual services. However, all of those details are flexible. Each conversation in the relationship tab will allow you to create a custom service agreement between you and that client.

What should I include on my Subvia profile?

The Subvia community is based on trust, so upload a clear headshot to help your community recognize you. Your name and city will help connect you to your hyperlocal community. And whether it be through a witty or inspirational quote, a description of your gigs, or a summarized resume, your bio is your chance to brand yourself.

Can I create separate profiles for each of my businesses or offerings?

Every user is allowed one Subvia profile, which is tied to one service provider account through Stripe. It is a violation of Subvia's Terms of Use to create multiple profiles. However, there is no limit to number of gigs you are allowed to create!

How do I get help?
Learn more about Subvia

Visit the Subvia Guide to learn more about using Subvia. There are dozens of helpful answers, tips, and common questions.

Reach out to Subvia Support

Contact us through this website, or create a support ticket. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!